Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management and Billing Services

We help healthcare providers get paid consistently, appropriately, and timely.

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RPM Billing - Healthcare revenue cycle management and billing services
RPM Billing - Healthcare revenue cycle management and billing services
RPM Billing - Healthcare revenue cycle management and billing services

Rev up your revenue cycle

We know revenue cycle and billing require attention to detail, and that a failure to operate consistently well in this area leads to significant financial losses for all types of providers across the country. It's a story we've seen so many times.

As part of our service, we help our clients with process design and implementation so that the revenue cycle and billing are set up for successful revenue management. This reduces re-work, improves efficiency, adds to our shared expertise, and improves your AR and cash flow results.

Deal with healthcare experts

We have decades of experience providing medical revenue cycle management and billing services for numerous types of hospitals and physician specialties, and all types of management systems and software.

Get personalized service

Focus on taking care of patients and avoid the complications of managing payments – our clients know that they’ve got an excellent and active resource on their team! We use processes that are proven and consistent, communication that is proactive and positive, and teamwork at all times.

Trusted by Healthcare professionals


"This company is really professional when it comes to their clients. They always have the clients come first, and spend hours on hours helping."

Benny Marshall

"We enjoy our standing meetings with our RPM team, and they are diligent with their follow up. I feel RPM is part of our team and I am glad for that.”

“The team at RPM have been wonderful to work with. They are awesome and I look forward to continuing working with them.”

“The communication and questions being asked are already leading to results. RPM has provided some good insight into our operation."

“I so greatly appreciate YOU and the work the RPM team does for us.”

“RPM works diligently! Thanks for all the hard work!”

“Things are going great. Everyone has been very helpful. I am seeing checks show up too and that is making me very happy!"

“The RPM team are wonderful and honestly surpassed expectations! Communications between our teams are no different than being in the same building.”

“Working with RPM finally gives me an idea of what excellent billing looks like.”

“Will definitely recommend RPM to anyone in need of help with insurance billing.”

“I’m so happy with the RPM team and ecstatic with the work everyone is doing.”

“Excellent service starting with Jon all the way to our rep.”

“I honestly don’t know what I would do without RPM’s hard work and dedication.”

"RPM Billing is an honest, no non-sense company that I have grown to trust to be effective, responsive and thorough."

"RPM Billing staff are very pleasant to deal with."

"The team at RPM Billing is always very prompt at providing answers and/or solving the problem."

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