Billing, coding, credentialing, contracting, and more.

We work with all types of physician specialties, clinics, ASCs, ambulance providers, hospitals, and mental health providers and facilities, and are experts at healthcare revenue cycle management, billing, and all related processes.

Boost Cash and Increase Cash Flow

Clean up Your accounts receivable aging

Lower your overall accounts receivable

Improve your clinic Efficiency and effectiveness

RPM Billing - Billing, coding, credentialing, contracting, and more.
RPM Billing - Billing, coding, credentialing, contracting, and more.
RPM Billing - Billing, coding, credentialing, contracting, and more.

Does your Accounts Receivable keep increasing?

Most providers find that despite their teams working hard every month, their accounts receivable keep increasing. Although the industry average for a practice is 60-90 days before funds are received, we average under 30 days and have won awards for being an industry leader in recovery.

Discover our full suite of services, including Revenue Cycle Management, Billing assistance, Coding, Credentialing, and Staffing, to help you get your money faster.

RPM Billing

The industry average for collections is 60-90 days. RPM Billing is less than 30 days.

our work

We bill your accounts, manage your accounts receivable, work your aged and denied accounts, and learn and share information with you as we go. We use our expertise to redesign your revenue cycle and billing processes to avoid denials moving forward.  

Working hand-in-hand, we proactively communicate with you about what is and isn’t working so that we can work together to optimize processes. The result is a clean accounts receivable aging, a boost in cash, an ongoing increase in cash flows, a more effective and efficient clinic, and lower accounts receivable.

Our services

Revenue optimization and billing services for all types of physicians and hospitals.

Advanced analytics & reporting

Aged AR recovery


Certified Ambulance Coders

Certified Professional Coders

Denials Management

Eligibility, verification, & authorizations

First & second level appeals

Full cycle revenue management & all related processes

Full cycle billing

Insurance contracting

Patient out of pocket estimator tools

Revenue cycle operations leadership

Temporary staffing

Our Area of expertise

Our team has experience and training for numerous types of healthcare providers.


Ambulatory surgery center for numerous specialties

Ambulance services (ground, rotor wing, & fixed wing)

Applied Behavior Analysis Cardiology

Certified Ambulance Coders

Critical Access Hospital

Dermatology Diabetic Drug & alcohol rehab center

Emergency medicine

ENT Specialists

General Surgery

Hospitalist & inpatient rounding

Imaging center billing & professional fee

In office lab Inpatient & outpatient behavioral hospital

Inpatient & outpatient hospital

Lab (diagnostic, wellness, genetics, toxicology, & PGX)

Large multispecialty medical group





Optometry (professional fees & supplies)

Orthopedic surgery & office

Pain Management (office & procedures)


Physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy

Podiatry (office & procedures)

Primary Care

Psychiatric Hospitalist Psychiatry, psychology, behavioral counseling & therapist

Radiology professional fee

Rural health clinic

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)


Urgent Care


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